DOCLINE doesn't have a Request Reports export option, but you can use keyboard commands to Select, Copy, and then Paste your report into a blank spreadsheet, and still retain the table spacing and formatting of the original report.

  1. In your web browser, display the report
  2. Click on the body of the report
  3. Press CTL-A (Select all)
  4. Press CTL-C (Copy)
  5. In spreadsheet, click in cell A1.
  6. Press CTL-V (Paste)
  7. Save spreadsheet
  • This method retains all formatting, and also copies graphic elements of the website which may be deleted. 
  • If you prefer to retain only table values, try different paste options. 
  • Users may prefer to use the 'Save as' option in their web browser if they do not intend to retain the data in spreadsheet form.